Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Been a Long Time

Greetings all:

It has been a while since I have blogged about anything. I got so caught up in Obamamania that I did not take time to give you updates on the inner workings of my life.

I am now working in a new field. Yes I left the airport gig, it was great fun but being at work at 4 am gets real tired real fast. And the Lord knew my needs and He provided a new job which has kept me quite busy for the last few months.

To Ms. Stella I just want you to know everything about the airport and the csr and the gate agent is still true. But here is my new pet peeve.

Every airline now has some special boarding lane for first class, business class and super premium customers.

Now my fellow fliers. You know if you are in one of those groups. Therefore do not block the entrance when it is time to board be patient your boarding group will be called. And as long as you are in the gate area they will not leave without you.

I am not finished. About the boarding groups read your damn boarding passes if you are in group 4 then you don't get to go on with group 2 just because u got there early. And to all you brilliant yo-yo's who think it is cool to put your carryon in the front of the plane when your ass is in the back quit it. Put the bag closet to your seat.

I am flying a lot lately and I have a love hate relationship with Chicago OHare. The cut backs in flights have made it a much nicer place to transfer but those announcements get on my last nerve.

It is good to rant again. I may get this up and going again. Thanks Stella for getting on my case.


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