Monday, October 05, 2009

Whatever Happened to Customer Service

I was in New Orleans last week, and I went to a Subway shop. As I approached the shop a man stopped to ask for 50 cents. He wanted to tell me a long drawn out story about the bus and all that jazz but I said curtly I don't have any change and to my surprise he said thanks for listening.

Hmmm, what an interesting response, I thought as I went into the shop. I was shocked back to life as a woman who looked as if she had been the victim of the tattoo tsunami came to take my order

Sandwich Artist: What you gittin?

Gibbs: Pardon me?

Sandwich Artist: In a louder voice What you gittin?

Gibbs: Did you say What you gittin?

Sandwich Artist: Do you speak English

Gibbs: Do you know you look like a sideshow freak (thought) Actually quite well, your greeting was most unusual. (said)

Sandwich Artist: What u say

Gibbs: Let me git three chocolate chip cookies

Sandwich Artist You got it baby

Gibbs Thank you ma'am

Sandwich Artist I ain't your mama

Gibbs Pardon me why u say that

Sandwich Artist I ain't old enough to be a ma'am Here be yo cookies

Gibbs Thank you.

As I exit the store still flabbergasted by the encounter I see homes who asked for 50 cents He is staring at me very hard. I said are you the guy who asked me for 50 cents here's a dollar, keep the change.

Thank you now I can catch the to buy my baby some pampers...need a better job. He said as I walked away.


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