Friday, October 09, 2009

Why Obama Won the Nobel Prize

Like many of you I was surprised to see that Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize.

And frankly like some of the conservatives I wondered why.

What I suspect is that aside from being a swipe at the Bush regime, the prize once again shows how much influence the United States has on the world. The election of President whose wife is four generations removed from the most dehumanizing slave systems known to humankind really speaks volumes for the breadth of opportunity in this country.

I can understand the GOP not necessarily being supportive of Obama's policies. But their responses are now growing to the point of being anti-American and I cannot see how that bodes well for them. The Nobel committee may have thought that Obama's selection signaled the beginning of a world order where all peoples would be welcome at the table and that peace might be achieved through true dialogue and not only by threats of terror or militaristic force.

But who am I? I congratulate the President, he has received a tremendous honor and his work has just begun.

But before I conclude, I believe that there will be a special place in the Hades of ignorance and stupidity for RNC Chair Michael "I will suck your dick, Rush" Steele. Sometimes when a thought passes through you Mike stifle it because your mouth has a chronic case of IBS and it's stinking up the joint.

Happy weekend all.


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