Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is it Just Me?

What is up with my life. Every time I turn around lately I am dealing with death. Today for example, I had to officiate the funeral of a 400 plus lb man who I did not know. The family and friends were utterly unchurched. Lots of moaning and crying not wild stuff just forever crying and snotting and stuff.

The mother told me I only want the service to last an hour. The final viewing was 35 minutes and the mother's remarks were over 20 minutes. I need to get out of this phase too much death. He completes my trinity of death for the weekend. He was first to go on Thursday he was 32. On Friday I was called to the ER to assist when a 29 year old tattoo piercer died mysteriously but probably naturally. And it closed out Sunday when a 68 year man died in the ER and the Supervising Nurse and I almost had a knock down drag out when I told her we would have to hold the body in morgue before it went to the transplant center for harvesting then cremation so the oldest son might say good bye. He was driving and was about 2 hours away.

What's really weird is that the only time I ever saw any of these people is when they were dead.

Just Odd. I y'all to pull me out of this funk of death.