Thursday, August 24, 2006

Segregated Survivor--Why?

I need some help. I am beginning to believe the movies they make about ridiculous television shows aren't rooted in fantasy anymore.

CBS Television has decided that the next installment in the "I-just-don't-get-it" Survivor franchise will feature four teams divided on the basis of race. There is a black team and a white team. A team of latinos, and a team of asians.


Perhaps for once television has got America right. Are we a deeply divided nation? Do we only associate with those of our own racial group?

The answers are yes and for the most part.

Our divisions are not only racial but they social and economic. We are segregated by our education and a whole hosts of reasons.

I found out my next door neighbors name the other day in the strangest way. This young man has been my neighbor for at least two maybe three years and I guess he is a supervisor in one of the neighboring cities paramedic squads.

Anyway, he was the responder to the death of a man to whom I was a provider of spiritual services.

So there we were face to face in this room with a dead body lying in the center of the floor. He looked at me and said I know you, you're my neighbor.

And after I thought about it I said oh yes I am hi.

and he responded hello sir. He always calls me sir.

Later when the local funeral director arrived I asked her who is the paramedic supervisor she looked at me kind of funny and said his name is Shane.


Like the old western--come back Shane


Why Chaplain Gibson are you asking?

He's my next door neighbor.


He lives next door to me.

And you did not know his name.

It never came up.

In fact I don't know the neighbor on the other side.

I just know the man across the street. I feel kind of bad about this but I am busy and I really don't have much to say to them. I should do better but I am not pressed.

Is it because they are white? Perhaps but not really I don't know the black people in my subdivision either.

But I bet they won't be cheering for my team on Survivor. And I already know that if I watched Survivor and I don't I would be pulling for the black team.

Maybe the old southerners were right Segregation now. Segregation forever.