Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Theology of Madea's Family Reunion

Y'all I finally saw a movie in 2006. I don't do movies. I do not go to movie theaters and I don't rent movies or dvd's very often. But I am always intrerested in new gadgets so I had to try the redbox.

And after looking at the selection of available movies I decided to find out why every body is in love with a tall man who has made millions dressing in drag.

After watching this motion picture, I still don't get it.

I don't get why large black women are always protrayed as LOUD

I don't know why large and loud black women are being protrayed by men.

I don't understand why in Tyler Perry movies the bad guys are dark and the knights in shining armour are light

I don't understand how a mother could so callously offer her child to grown man for sex and the justify the behavior.

I don't get why old black men are portrayed as child molesters.

I don't get what is funny about flatuence.

I don't get why black folk would want a wedding where little children hang from the ceiling.

I don't get why I find it fascinating to see Cicely Tyson turn into Miss Jane Pittman right before my eyes.

I don't get the fuss about Maya Angelou. Her stuff makes good recitations on Sunday mornings but I never have to reflect on her verse...its so obivous that I am mad I didn't write it.

I did not get why Taylor S. said I need to embrace my truth...what's truth and what is my truth will it dissolve without my attention?