Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Conversations with Gibbs: Old Ass Gangstas

Gibbs: Hello, Oh hey bruh what's up.

Mark: Did you hear about Raynall and Corey?

Gibbs: Naw man, what's up?

Mark: Dem brothas tried to carjack a Mustang?

Gibbs: Aw Hell Naw. What's up with those two? Those M/F ain't no damn kids.

Mark: I know. But they been wanna be gangstas forever.

Gibbs: Gotdamn man them boys old as s**t. Ain't Corey 35 and Raynall bout 40

Mark: Actually Corey is 37 and Raynall is the same age as Scooter and he is 42.

Gibbs: Did them stupid n-words get caught?

Mark: Aw dude you ain't heard nothin?

Gibbs: (To myself: Why don't people believe me when I say I don't keep up with the latest goings from "As the Ghetto Turns") Naw man I've been out of touch for a while.

Mark: Them boys got killed.

Gibbs: What!!!

Mark: Po-po chased them and they crashed on the interstate died instantly and wrecked the car.

Gibbs: Damn for real. That's sad man. What a waste.

Mark: You know they was my wife's cousin on her brother's daddy side.

Gibbs: In other words they were not blood relatives.

Mark: (After thinking for a minute) Damn Gibbs you right man. They ain't sh** to us.

Gibbs: Exactly.

Mark: Now I am gonna tell Carla we ain't giving nothin to help out with the funeral. Lorenzo called yesterday talking bout they ain't got no insurance and no money to bury them boyz. Talkin about we is family and we all got to pitch in.

Gibbs: And you was callin me to see if I would help out--right

Mark: Yeah I was how did you know?

Gibbs: you been a n-word a long time.

Mark: I guess that means you ain't got no money.

Gibbs: I gots money but I ain't contributing. Two elderly thugz trying to jack somebody's ride. How stupid was that?

Mark: Now they gonna have to get burned. You know that ain't biblical.

Gibbs: And I know they weren't spiritual biblical or literal for that matter. Gotta run cuz let me know about the service, I want to see if Lesha gonna try to jump in they caskets.

Mark: You wrong for that

Gibbs: I know.