Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poor Geraldine

Geraldine Ferraro will now be known not as the first woman to run for vice president of a major political party but now a wrinkled ignorant woman who is just this side of being a racist. That is so sad. That is so tragic. And should Hillary Clinton prevail she can also be credited with leading to her defeat. And the reason she will do this is because she is showing symptoms of advance white privilege syndrome. More about that later.

Yesterday, I readily admitted that Barack Obama was indeed lucky or blessed depending upon your perspective. I continue to admit that in this country we are lucky or blessed in some, if we experience some form of success.

We are lucky because there is almost always somebody who is more qualified, more polished, and better prepared to hold the positions we hold. Somewhere along the way we all catch a break or we happen to be in the right place at the right time. And do you all know who is also lucky or blessed? Hillary Rodham Clinton.

How many people do you know who get elected to the Senate from a state they just moved to? New Yorkers decided that she had the right skill set for the job. But she also caught a break, Rudy got sick. She also benefited from favorable press, the New York media was transfixed by this woman who endured a lot of public shame to prove that she was indeed the epitome of Tammy Wynette Stand by Your Man woman.

How else do you explain how a woman who was never elected to anything wins becomes one of 100? Being elected to the United States Senate is usually a sign that you have served your state for a long period of time, but Hillary left the White House and moved into the Senate. And I'm not mad at her. She grasped opportunity.

If life was always fair, Al Gore would have been President of the United States but he had the "bad" luck or the curse of being William Jefferson Clinton's Vice President during that Lewinsky thing. Although the economy was booming, the country was safe, the country was reeling because a woman kept a "nasty" dress in her closet.

So in a fit of nonsense we elected a Texas governor who had a recognizable name. Talk about luck.

We are in an uproar over the sick old white woman's comments because she once again displays the arrogance of white privilege. White privilege is a disease that affects many white people who all believe that they are entitled to be where they are or what they desire and anyone that is not white is simply lucky or caught a break or is genetically inclined should they find themselves in a favorable space.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geraldine is Right Obama is Lucky!

The sick old white lady who was the first woman to run as a vice presidential candidate of a major party is right. Senator Barack Obama is a lucky Black man. I feel really sad for her and for all the women like her who feel like they are missing out what should outrage them is the ineptitude of the Clinton campaign which is leading to a McClain victory in November.

And instead of debating his stead in life, he ought to go to Altoona, PA, and Wilkes Barre and Harrisburg and proclaim.

I am lucky to have been born in this country, where I was raised in an atmosphere that inspired me to be all that I could be. I was lucky to have been born in a country where brave men and women of all races and creeds stood against the racism and brought forth a great nation where there are opportunities for people who are willing to work hard to succeed.

I am lucky to have lived in a state where people were able to go beyond the color of my skin, and beyond my atypical name to hear my message and grasp my vision of what it means to serve our great country and to make it better.

He should shout, I am lucky to have been born in a multicultural and diverse society where I know that love knows no boundaries and that I understand the importance of building strong families where children are given a broad range of educational opportunities.

Actually I am more than lucky, I am as my name describes blessed. I am blessed to live in a country where I can embrace God through Jesus Christ and I was able to express my beliefs and celebrate my God without preventing others who choose to exercise their faith or beliefs differently.

And finally I am lucky and blessed to have this opportunity to expand the base of my party to include the young, the progressive and those who want to insure that every American is able to secure health care coverage without penalty, where every American family is able to pursue the dream of I higher education that I was lucky enough to experience. I am also lucky that we live in a country where people are able to go beyond scare tactics and realize that we need a policy that protects from the 9AM attacks, the middle of the morning attacks, a policy that allows this country to reclaim the respect we squandered in an ill advised war in Iraq which has not only drained our financial resources, to the point where the Iraqis have a massive surplus while we are laboring under a massive deficit. Our financial resources have weakened our currency which is leading to higher gas prices which in 2008 is hurting the family that has to drive to work. Our weak economy is costing many Americans their jobs and their homes and while Hillary and McClain want to fight over who was more wrong about Iraq I want to bring you back to work, bring your home out of foreclosure, and allow the opportunity to keep your health up so you and I can work to bring America back.

I am so lucky and so blessed to be who I am so that I can work together with all of you who are lucky and blessed to be a part of this great nation and we can continue to keep it a great nation.

God bless America.