Saturday, June 10, 2006

I am Now Officially Middle Aged

And I'm glad about it. Over the last month my daughter graduated from college and my son graduated from high school. Now me and the Mrs. are officially the parents of adult children.

This was highlighted when I saw my much younger brother with his two children who are both in elementary school. My brother kept asking me what are you going to do now? Wow no more parent teacher conferences, no more wrestling, school plays and parents councils.

Rejoice and be glad about it. I am happy because in many ways watching my daughter was the culmination of a dream I had since the day she was born. I wanted my daughter to grow up safe and secure in herself and in God and to go on to college and to graduate.

As I watched her process in I had to fight back the tears. I thought of my mother and how happy she would have been to be in this crowd, I don't know what the future holds for her but if God brought her this far I trust that God will continue to walk with her.

Now my son, his journey is just beginning. He will be attending a small white liberal arts college in the fall, unlike my daughter who graduated from a larger HBCU. I am praying that this will work for him. He has already made quite an impression on some of the faculty and since he is also very devoted to his faith I am sure it will be there to strengthen him in difficult times.

With all the turmoil of this year so far it is good to report that yeah I'm middle aged, both of my children are grown, and my oldest graduated from college and though my tire won't deflate, my gray won't dissapate, and my wallet won't inflate. I'm singing, shouting and smiling cause We've come this far by faith!!! Leaning, trusting, depending and I can't turn around---we've come this far by faith.