Friday, November 17, 2006

Why Don't I Get It?

This afternoon I was having a conversation with a brother who is strong in his faith. He is against just about everything and he stands on nothing but the Word of God. (Yeah right)

Here is a transcript of our last conversation:

"What's up man how are you?"

"Gibbs, I am sick of the sin in this world. Everything is all messed up. Gays wanting to get married, women wanting to be president, this world is going to hell."

"Well what you going to do about it mane."

" Well, first I think we should do away with 12 step recovery programs."

"Darn man it must be real early in the morning. Did you say you want to eliminate 12 step programs?"

"Yeah, all that AA , NA, OA, GA that stuff ain't Biblical."

"Hmmm, but then neither is the internal combustion engine but you still drive don't you?"

"Naw, God don't care how we get from point a to point b."

"So what's wrong with the 12 step programs?"

"They don't proclaim the truth of the gospel."

"Keep talking."

"They don't tell you that there is only ONE way to get to the KINGDOM of G-D and his name is JESUS! (iamhondawant2beamercedes!) (Speaks in tongues)"

"Man quit that gibberish. "

"I am rejoicing in the Spirit of God."

"Whatever man. Just stop it. Speak only in English."

"See a 12 step program says acknowledge a higher power, any higher power."

"Well everybody is not a Christian."

"Then they all going to HELL!"

"You know everything."

"Look man, I can't support anything that does not fit the WORD of the Lord Iamhon--

"You betta quit that noise right now. Anyway tell me how do you think the Lord feels about you gettin with no let me be clear screwing every woman you date. Ain't that fornication?"

"Now Gibbs you going too far. I am a man, I have needs, and God provides for my needs."

"You really believe that don't you."

"Hel--I mean heck yeah!"


"Ain't God all right?!

"God is cool but you need some help."

"Gibbs you don't get nothing do you."

"Not really."

"I'm talking about sex man--"

"I am not talking to you about my sex life."

"You need to pray to God and you will get sum."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Black Male Role Model for the Ages

So much has been said about celebrities becoming role models. Some believe that it is part of the cost of their fame, others try to be what they are not and some give us advice that we don't want to hear.

Yet there was a man who gave us a lot during his years. We watched him with a glimmer of pride every time he got that big interview, uncovered corruption or just warmed our hearts.

Thank you Mr. Bradley for being a great Black man

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Always Knew I was a Super Hero

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ward Connerly Is A STUPID Black man

You are looking at a stupid black man. Ward Connerly is a stupid black man. He is so stupid that he recently was quoted as saying that he welcomed the support of the KKK in his effort to end affirmative action in Michigan.

Ward Connerly although disavowing support to the Klans's hateful activities says

"If the Ku Klux Klan thinks that equality is right, God bless them," Connerly says. "Thank them for finally reaching the point where logic and reason are being applied, instead of hate."

Damn logic and reason and the KKK in the same sentence. I told you Ward Connerly is a stupid black man. How much self hate can one tolerate.

Unfortunately this was not the first anti-black group to embrace Connerly and his misguided race to equality. Connerly was also photographed shaking the hand of the leader of a white separtist group who later called Connerly the best nigger he never killed. Okay he did not say that but I am sure it crossed his mind.

Hold on let me call for a prayer meeting, come on Brother Pray Long, come on Sister Speak in Tongues, Come on Rev. Froth at the Mouth, Come on Deacon Moan all Nite Long we need the cast out the demon of stupidity out of this man because he has surely lost his mind.