Friday, September 01, 2006

It's Hard Out There for a ....DAD!

Okay, I for one will rejoice mightily when the cool winds of autumn finally start to blow.


Because my nest will be empty.

And emptying my nest has almost caused me to lose what little mind I have left.

As many of you might know, my daughter surprised me and graduated from college.

The diva/starlet/royal pain/great love of my life had finished college and I cried, like a baby. I cried because I was so happy and so pleased. I cried for my mother and how much I missed the fact that she was not presence in the flesh to see the day we dreamed about when she was battling lung cancer.

I cried because I had no idea what my baby was going to do with the rest of her life.

So she came back home. And I found out something about me that I guess I just had not come to grips with...

I am an old man. I am set in my ways and I know more than anybody about what's right and what tod do especially her.

It has been a rough summer. She wants to escape to LA LA land and that's cool, I just don't want her to end up homeless. I wished she had worked more and had more to live off of, I wished she had been better prepared and you know some of this crossed my lips. But I don't need her here to be with me, I do want her to go I just want my very much grown up smart baby girl to leave just yet.

I keep telling myself it's not the right time. But you know what it is the only time.

So next Sunday she is off and I will be glad because she needs to be grown, I pray the Lord will continue to add to my coffers so I might be there for her.

My boy is off to college for his freshman year. I'm gonna miss that son of mine. We have become so close we talk about everything.

Yes we even talked about our feelings about being the oldest virgin males in the world.

He's 18 and nada

I was way past 18 and still nada.

Everybody thinks he weird but he says he abstains because he does not want the drama.

Believe it or not, I thought exactly the same thing.

He asked me if I ever regretted not being sexually active in high school, and frankly I think the true answer is probably but not really.

I say it like that because my wife thinks I put too much value on the idea of being sexual. She is appalled at times because I link the two together because that's how it worked for me.

But back to my daughter I am releasing her to wind, it is hard because no matter how old she gets I always see the big eyes of that just born little girl who used to use her daddy's belly as her napping place.

I won't ever really let go,,, but I will loosen the strings a bit because I always know that God has her.

Bye kids, gibby girl your daddy loves you now more than ever. and gibby boy your dad (never daddy) loves you too!